Fuzhou municipal party secretary Xiaoyi visited Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD

      On January 11, 2018, Fuzhou municipal party committee secretary Xiaoyi visit Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD. Visit the research, the book of genesis science and technology co., LTD., general manager, the ministry of commerce to participate in the reception, secretary introduced Mr.Xiao the latest genesis company super computer server of building three workshop (15, 16, 19), and 19 on the first floor of the house staff activities center construction situation and future development planning.

Xiaoyi,party secretary of FuZhou(2nd from Left )

       Mr. Xiao had an in-depth understanding of the company's power use and the construction of its substation, and recognized the company's current work and supported the company's future planning.Let our company feel the national leadership of the development of emerging industries highly valued and caring.

Lin  Lin Shunjie of Genesis Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the company's plan to Secretary Xiao

Visit the computer room  


      During the visit, Mr. Xiao and his colleagues praised the modern computer room of fuzhou genesis technology co., LTD., as well as the international advanced and mature technology structure. At the same time, we hope that fuzhou genesis technology co., ltd. will continue to take a global perspective, integrate international advanced concepts and technologies, and make a contribution to national independent brands. Genesis technology co., LTD. Has been developing steadily and innovating under the strong support of jiangxi provincial people's government, fuzhou municipal people's government and Fuzhou high-tech zone management committee. We are grateful for this and will continue to forge ahead.


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