The special chess carnival \\\"Genesis technology\\\"shine in Fuzhou city


       The artificial intelligence Weiqi competition of Jiangxi province the 3rd Internet conference artificial intelligence chess competition world champion when yue and Qinghua university artificial intelligence (god operator) computer "man-machine war" go competition is held in downtown Leeds fort hotel on the morning of November 11. After more than two hours of "fierce fighting", Shi yue lost out to artificial intelligence (divine operator) by the smallest margin of 1/4 fruit while giving way and pasting it upside down. Wang zixin primary section, the only professional player of Jiangxi province and the second runner-up of women's go in tianjin national games, represented jiangxi to compete in Tianjin national games.

      Four professional players of the Beijing team of minsheng bank also played on multiple sides with 16 chess fans in zhuhai city. Li yunsheng, chairman of the shaanxi go association and head coach of the Beijing team of minsheng bank, and Qiao ting, the leader of the five sections of the team, made synchronized moves between the god operator and Shiyue. Watching chess, playing chess, listening to chess, and the heart of the professional idol of go to achieve "zero distance" contact, the city go fans usher in the carnival of go, chess fans call for fun.

man-machine war

      Ai Chess exhibition is an important activity of the third Internet conference in Jiangxi province. The Ai program of the "man-machine war" competition held on the morning of nov 11 is the "god operator" of Qinghua university. Shi yue, born on January 11, 1991 in luoyang, Henan province. Learn from huang jinxian six, 14 years old selected the team.  2013 LG cup world go wang champion, helicopter nine.

      "God operator" chess software is a chess intelligent program with independent intellectual property rights developed by the artificial intelligence research group of Qinghua university's school of aeronautics and astronautics earlier this year. The leader of the "god operator" team and the doctoral supervisor of the school of aeronautics and astronautics, Qinghua university, Yukawa, who is also a senior chess fan and serves as secretary-general of the chess cultural exchange and research fund of Qinghua university. Considering the current level of go of "god operator", the more the game is played against him in the situation of giving way and placing it upside down with 7 eyes and a half. After more than two hours of competition, the more a quarter of the game is lost. After losing the game, he was not upset. He admitted that, for the first time, playing chess face-to-face with artificial intelligence had a different experience. People playing chess sometimes hide some real emotions, but playing chess with computer was totally unnecessary. "God operator" computer chess is very smooth, the shape is very positive, basically there is no flaw, loophole, he has been at a disadvantage, has been chasing very hard, although lost, but he thought that he still played the level, he believed that the future is certainly the age of artificial intelligence, will bring a lot of convenience to people's life.

      This is an "unfair" game, said by xiaochuan, is the more the first, and reverse the purpose of the loss of the game, if the first, the computer and the strength of the time or the gap, a small chance of winning, should be said, the more time down a set of guidance. God operator will continue to improve the strength of the program, hoping to do better, go level can be higher.

hanging plate explanation

      In order to let the chess fans better understand the chess players of Man-Machine Battle and chess layout of computer, on Nov. 11 afternoon, the sponsor specially invited Li Yunsheng, the chairman of the Shaanxi Chess Association as well as the head coach of the Beijing team of Minsheng Bank , and Qiao Ting, the leader of the Beijing team, to interpret the competition between divine operator and Shi Yue simultaneously. In the hall on the second floor of the Leeds Fort Hotel, nearly 100 chess fans were seating around to watch the competition and many of them just specially come for it from far away in Shenzhen and other cities in the other province. Through the professional interpretation of the competition, the amateur on the site learned about the professional chess masters and the extraordinary layout of artificial intelligence as well as all kinds of options during the battle, which was inspiring. 

wheel wars

      At the same time, nearby the Beijing team of minsheng bank peng liyao (five section), xu jiayang (five section), tao xinran (six section) and other professional players and local amateur players launched "a pair of four" wheel war, instructing weiqi enthusiasts. Professional chess players let amateur opponents 2, 3, 5, the first time lucky chess fans face to face with professional master, let them be very unforgettable, the scene has become a happy sea of our city go lovers.

      After fighting against the master, the amateur players all exclaim, is the master, although the final defeat, but they think they have learned a lot of things. Professional players also say that the atmosphere in fuzhou is good, the enthusiasm of players makes people happy, and the strength of individual players is not weak. Through the "zero distance" master career path, let our city amateur players call for fun.


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